2017 Reading Intentions

It turns out that I am VERY MOTIVATED by categorical reading challenges. I love the thrill of searching for a book that checks the box of a challenge like Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge or my local library’s Book Bingo. Sometimes I change my mind 10 times about what book I’ll read for a particular category, but hey, I’m flexible that way.

Here’s a summary of my goals for the year:

20017 Bookish Resolutions / Increase diverse reads / Keep reading 60%+ women / Read Harder 2017 / Litsy AtoZ / Litsy Reading Challenge / Read 150 books

Litsy AtoZ | Litsy Reading Challenge | Mt TBR Challenge | RH2017

It’s a lot of stuff, but my personal rule is I’m allowed to use one book for multiple challenges (but not more than once per challenge).

In an effort to read more backlist and/or books that I’ve owned for a long time and put off, I’m also trying out Game of Books, with a goal of scoring 50 points/month.

I’m also super geeked to be utilizing the amazing book tracking spreadsheet, Way Too Many Book Stats 2017 by Brock Roberts. OMG, automatically generated charts?! I looooove data sooooo much.

Have you ever done a book challenge? Do you set yearly reading goals? Let’s talk!

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