Review: Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat by Samin Nosrat

The cover of the book Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat by Samin Nosrat (watercolor shelf of ingredients and kitchen implements)

Title: Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat
Author: Samin Nosrat
ISBN: 1476753830
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Publication date: April 25, 2017
Page count: 480
Genre: Cooking / Food Science
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 5/5 stars!

I am a little bit of a food nerd. I loooove food and and I loooove science and I loooove learning and understanding the whys and hows of cooking. If you do, too, then run to your nearest bookstore and pick up a copy of Salt, Fat Acid, Heat – it’s a food nerd’s dream-come-true! Easy to read, engaging, and with beautiful watercolor illustrations, this is a book that I think any food-lover will enjoy. 

If you’re a novice in the kitchen, this book will give you tons of information about proper technique, and it can prevent bad habits from being formed, not to mention years of underseasoned food and kitchen disappointments. Learn when and how much to salt meat, how to fix a broken emulsion, how to cream butter and sugar together for the lightest cakes, and almost a million other tips and tricks (all based on SCIENCE!).

Are you a regular in the kitchen, like me? This book gives you the most important information: the WHY of it all. I know that when I have a why, I’m much more likely to incorporate a thing into my life. Now I know that salting chicken even up to a day in advance will NOT dry it out but in fact make it more delicious and seasoned all the way through, because of reverse osmosis! Boom. Done. Now I salt my chicken in advance. You, too, can try all these techniques out: Over 200 pages are dedicated to recipes that reinforce the lessons Nosrat is teaching. The theory is great, but you’ll really be convinced when you taste the results!

I love a good cookbook, but Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat goes beyond the normal boundaries of the genre. I would almost say that this book is like the kosher salt in your kitchen – it’s going to enhance alllll the other recipes and cookbooks in your life.  Personally, I have more confidence in my cooking than before reading this book, AND my food is more delicious. I couldn’t’ really ask for anything more!

In short, if you ever cook, EVER, then buy and read this book. Your food will be more delicious, your bank account will thank you (because I guarantee you’ll cook at home more!) and your brain will be delighted by the conversational, you-can-do-it approach the author takes. Buy one for yourself, buy one for a friend. It really is that good.

I received a copy of this via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher, Simon & Schuster!


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