Review: Borderline by Mishell Baker

Title: Borderline
Author: Mishell Baker
ISBN: 1481429787
Publisher: Saga Press / Simon & Schuster
Publication date: March 1, 2016
Page count: 400
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Source: Library
Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Photo of the hardcover of Borderline by Mishell Baker on a black and white scarf

I used to read a LOT of urban fantasy. For a few years, it felt like I was reading it almost exclusively, with a bit of straight up SF and fantasy thrown in there. Needless to say…I kinda burned out on it. There are a few series that I still follow or followed to their conclusion (The Hollows by Kim Harrison and Mercy Thompson by Patricia Briggs, I’m looking at you), but I really started to get sick of all the tropes of the whole urban fantasy sub-genre.  So in recent years I’ve approached urban fantasy warily. 

I’m happy to report that Urban Fantasy and I have had a very happy reunion in the form of Borderline. 😁

Millie Roper is a very interesting character to get to know – I really appreciated seeing the world through her eyes. She has Borderline Personality Disorder, and she’s survived a suicide attempt that resulted in the  double amputation of her legs. She’s been voluntarily living in a psychiatric facility for quite some time when a stranger walks in and offers her a job adjacent to the world that she has left behind – the film industry. Cautious but interested, she agrees. However, she finds herself in a verrry different situation than she anticipated: instead of fetching lattes for executives, her first assignment is to track down a (famous) rogue fey actor who has overstayed his fairy visa. Wait, what? 

Yes there are fairies, but honestly? They’re kind of the least interesting part of this whole story. Really. This is more a story of how the world of fairy and the fey themselves end up affecting people in our world, for better or worse. 

Millie is joined by a very interesting cast of supporting characters, some of which we get to know, some I’m still very curious about. Luckily this is the first in a series, so we have time to do just that!

The pacing is great, the various mysteries (both the main plot and the back stories of many of the characters) unfold slowly and kept me guessing the whole time. 

 Super looking forward to reading more in this world! It’s also nominated for a Nebula for 2016, which is pretty cool – I feel like it’s kind of unusual for urban fantasy to be nominated, but that’s a gut reaction thing – research may prove me wrong. 

What are your favorite Urban Fantasy reads? I’m in the market for more these days. 😉

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